Commercial Taxidermy Licence


What is a Commercial T​axidermy Licence (CTL)?

​A Commercial Taxidermy Licence authorises the holder to do the following without additional authority:
• buy;
• receive;
• possess; and
• sell or otherwise dispose of products of partly protected wildlife for commercial taxidermy.​​

A CTL does not authorise the ‘take’ of wildlife or products of wildlife which includes the killing of wildlife to acquire products of wildlife or the carrying out of any operation for the purpose of obtaining a product of wildlife.

Please read this fact sheet before completing and submitting an application.

How do I apply?

If you want to undertake taxidermy for a commercial purpose, then you will need a current Commercial Taxidermy Licence. There is no fee for this type of licence.
Please read the fact sheet before completing the form and submit to Wildlife Management - Permits and Licencing.

For information regarding ​requirements for the importation of animal carcasses for taxidermy purposes please go to the Biosecurity Tasmania webpages Animals allowed unrestricted entry and Animals that can be imported with entry requirements​​.


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