Herpetology Permit Application Form


The Wildlife (General) Regulations 2010 and the Wildlife (Exhibited Animals) Regulations 2010 have been replaced with the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021. The wording of some permits and licences for activities that involve wildlife has changed as a result. The Department is updating the licenses and permits, and the web pages that relate to them. If you have any questions, please get in contact with us on 03 6165 4305 or via FarmPoint on 1300 292 292.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To keep Tasmanian native reptiles and amphibians you must hold a current Herpetology Permit and agree to abide by the Code of Practice for Herpetology. (See Herpetology in Tasmania - Code of Practice.)

1. Permit Application Form - First Permit

Use the application form below to apply for a Herpetology Permit for the first time, the application form includes a fact sheet on the permitting requirements for herpetology in Tasmania.​

  Herpeto​logy Permit - Applic​atio​n Form   (185Kb)

​​Note: Permits are valid for a maximum of one year. All permits expire on 30 June of each year.

2. Permit R​​​enewal Forms

If you already have a Herpetology P​ermit and would like to renew your permit you must submit a new application before your current permit expires, for most permits this will be 30 June each year. Please use the Herpetolgy Permit Renewal Form below.

  Herpetology Per​​mit Renewal Form   (669Kb)

T​​​​​​​​he Herpetology Permit Renewal Form includes a Herpetology Return Form which reports on the quantity of each species held at the time your Herpetology Permit expires.This form can also be found on on page 4 of your current permit. This form m​ust be completed and submitted for your permit to be renewed.

​The Herpetology Permit Renewal Form, also includes a Herpetology Record Form which must be completed and submitted. ​​The Herpetology Record Form details any animals that have been acquired, gifted, transferred, released, or have died during the permit period. 

​This can be downloaded from the link below or can also be found on pages 5-6 of your current permit.

  Herpetology Record Form   (96Kb)​​


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