Licence and Permit Fees


​​​Fees fro​​m 1st July 2021


  • Commercial Wildlife Traders Licence $82.50
  • Commercial Purposes Licence​ $66.00


Export fee payable for living partly protected, protected or specially protected wildlife is $16.50 or $3.30 per animal, whichever is greater.

In any other cases (for example, non-living animals) the fee is $16.50

  • Export Living Wildlife Permit $16.50​
  • Export (per specimen) Permit $3.30​
  • Export (in any other cases) Permit $16.50​

Exhibited Animals:

  • Wildlife Display Permit $33.00
  • Wildlife Exhibition Licence $82.50


  • For each deceased animal whether or not the animal is whole or in parts $0.33​​