Ammoniropa vigens - Ammonite snail

​​Application for Scientific Permit - Available for Public Comment

Public comment on the following application for a Scientific Research (Fauna) Permit is open until 5 May.​​

Applicant: NRM South 

Species/Taxon: Charopid land snails, including the Critically Endangered Ammonite snail (Ammoniropa vigens) 

Location: Hobart, Clarence, Kingborough, including private, council and reserved land
Title of research: Safeguarding the critically endangered Ammonite snail 

Aim of project: Development of guidelines to identify and protect critical habitat for the Critically Endangered Ammonite snail (Ammoniropa vigens). 

Justification: The ammonite snail is a small cryptic land species that exists in the peri-urban areas of the city of Hobart. The species is Critically Endangered under the Commonwealth EPBC Act and endangered under the Tasmanian TSP Act, and therefore protection and management of the species and its habitat is a priority. Unfortunately, insufficient knowledge of the species’ habitat, range and overlap with other species, impedes protection and restoration of its populations and habitat. Our project will contribute significantly to clarification of the species habitat and distribution. We will achieve this through the development of an identification guide and of genetic markers (eDNA) that can be used to detect the species and model its occurrence. Our data will be used to update species management guidelines and develop protections for the species habitat in its range. 

Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: We will aim to take three individuals of each species detected during surveys. The final total number of individuals will depend on which species are encountered. 

Activities undertaken and methods: Individuals of the Ammonite snail and other closely related snails will be surveyed at sites within the known Ammonite snail range. Individuals will be collected, and a genetic comparison of these species will be used to development of a species-specific genetic marker (eDNA marker) for the ammonite snail. This marker will be used to detect Ammonite snail DNA in soil samples collected in a survey of the species known range. 

Fate of animals: A few individuals of each species will be sacrificed to harvest DNA. All other individual’s will be left undisturbed. 

Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch): As only a few individuals will be harvested, it is unlikely to impact the species involved. There will be no likely impacts on other species. 



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