Astacopsis genus (franklinii, gouldi, tricornis)


Application for Scientific Permit – Available for Public Comment - 27 September 2022

Applicant:  Kanunnah Pty Ltd, Aquasave‒Nature Glenelg Trust, Deakin University, University of Tasmania and NRM North

Species/Taxon: Astacopsis genus (franklinii, gouldi, tricornis).

Location: Species range (most of Tasmania).

Title of research: Astacopsis genomics project

Aim of project:  Genomic research to assess population structure and genetic relationships of Astacopsis species.

Justification:  This mitogenome information will help to identify and describe genetic diversity across the range of the species and resolve previously identified cryptic diversity.

Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: Existing tissue samples to be used. There may be extra samples required. Extra samples would be less than 30 individuals.

Activities undertaken and methods: Trap/catch, collect genetic samples and release at point of capture. The project is requesting support for shallow genome skimming to obtain mitogenome and nuclear gene information from up to 15-20 populations across the range of the species. In addition, 5-10 samples each Astacopsis frankinii and Astacopsis tricornis, the closest relatives to A. gouldi, will be included for comparative purposes. The tissue sample can be taken via the removal of a pleopod from under the tail with a scalpel.

Fate of animals: Tissue sample taken with the removal of pleopod under the tail via scalpel; animal released. Tissue samples not to be taken from gravid females. Animals wil then be released as point of capture.

Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch): Nil - released alive


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