Birds and mammals

Application for Scientific Permit – Available for Public Comment

Public comment on the following application for a Scientific Research (Fauna) Permit is open until 17 December.

Applicant: Biological Sciences, University of Tasmania

Species/Taxon: Mammals, birds

Location: Mount Field National Park (PWS Reserve).

Title of research: Practical Activities for KPZ301 Tasmanian Field Ecology

Aim of project:
To give 3rd year University students experience in passive methods to survey fauna, and to provide an opportunity for students to gain experience in data analysis. The activity will test for (i) bird community differences with vegetation/elevation, (ii) difference in grazing distance from cover in macropods based on likely predation risk, and (iii) effect of lyrebirds on physical habitat structure.

This activity will provide students will opportunities to increase their understanding of local fauna and to develop skills associated with field surveys.

Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: (if impossible to estimate, indicate effort e.g. number of traps to be used and how long to be set)
Effort: 20 camera traps, 6 timed bird surveys, 3 walked mammal transects

Activities undertaken and methods:
Lyrebird camera trapping: ‘Swift’ brand cameras (20 in total) will be deployed inside and outside existing lyrebird exclosure plots in forested habitat to confirm lyrebird presence/absence. 

Bird survey: students will sit at 6 sites and record all bird species they see and hear within 25 m of their position, for 5 minutes.

Macropod grazing: Students will walk transects across marsupial lawn that are parallel to forest edge (‘cover’) and record the presence and location of pademelons and Bennet’s wallaby.

Fate of animals: No animals will be harmed.

Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch): Species may encounter cameras or humans during surveys.


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