Taxidermy Permits and Licences


What does 'taxidermy' mean?

Taxidermy means preparing and mounting parts, or complete specimens, or products of wildlife for the purpose of preserving those products of wildlife in lifelike form. It can also include the restoration of already preserved specimens. 

Why is regulation of taxidermy important? 

​Taxidermy regulations vary according to the conservation status of an animal and the manner in which it is obtained. It is important for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) to fairly regulate taxidermy and ensure the practice does not unreasonably impact wildlife. Taxidermy of wildlife can serve important scientific and educational purposes, but if not appropriately regulated, can potentially increase the illegal trade of rare species or those that present a biosecurity risk. 

Please contact Wildlife Services if you are in any doubt as to your legal obligations under the Nat​ure Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021. ​​

Taxidermy for commercial use

An authority to taxidermy for commercial use requires a person to be the holder of a Commercial Taxidermy Licence (CTL).

A CTL may authorise the holder to undertake taxidermy and;

    • ​​​​​​​​buy, receive, acquire, possess or otherwise dispose of products of partly protected wildlife
    • ​ receive and possess (but not buy or otherwise dispose of) products of protected, specially protected and restricted (special purpose) wildlife

The taxidermy of protected and specially protected wildlife must be undertaken for scientific or educational purposes only.  Examples include: 

    • ​museums or art galleries
    • schools 
    • universities or other tertiary education providers
    • cultural centres/institutions with an aim of increasing awareness or understanding of cultural heritage
    • technical skills training (taxidermy or otherwise)


    • Products of wildlife must only be sourced or received from a person who is legally authorised (permitted/licensed) to take, possess and/or deliver for the purpose of taxidermy.
    • A CTL does not authorise the ‘take’ of wildlife or products of wildlife which includes the killing of wildlife to acquire products of wildlife or the carrying out of any operation for the purpose of obtaining a product of wildlife.

How do I apply?

To apply for a CTL, please complete the form below. 
Please read the fact sheet attached to the application form before completing the application and submit to Wildlife Services.

Permit to Taxidermy for Personal U​​​​​se

Taxidermy of wildlife for personal use is allowed in certain circumstances and only with prior authorisation from NRE Tas.  The activity of preparing and preserving the products of wildlife must be for non-commercial purposes only.

 A permit to taxidermy for Personal Use (PTPU) will allow the holder to:

    • ​​Possess and taxidermy products of partly protected and protected wildlife.


    • These products must be legally sourced or obtained from a person who is lawfully authorised to receive or deliver such products of wildlife.
    • This permit does not authorise any associated buying or selling of products of wildlife.  
    • A holder of a current Commercial Taxidermy Licence does not require additional licences to carry out taxidermy for non-commercial use. 

​How do I apply? 

To apply for a PTPU, please complete the form below and submit to Wildlife Services. 

 Taxidermy for P​ersonal Use Application Form (PDF 195Kb)

Please read the fact sheet attached to the application form before completing the application and submit to Wildlife Services.​​

For information regarding ​requirements for the importation of animal carcasses for taxidermy purposes please go to the Biosecurity Tasmania webpages Animals allowed unrestricted entry and Animals that can be imported with entry requirements​​.


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