Wildlife Display Permit

​​​​​​What is a Wildlife Display Permit (WDP)?

The most common reasons for applying for a WDP are for an Educational Facility, a Herpetology and/or Avian display, or for Registered Rehabilitator display.

A Wildlife Display Permit authorises the holder to do the following without additional authority:

• display the wildlife specified in the permit subject to and in accordance with the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021 (Exhibited Animals) and any terms of the permit.

​A WDP does not authorise the possession of wildlife or products of wildlife; t​​his requires an additional permit.

Further information can be found on the WDP fact sheet which is included in the application form.

Ho​​w do I apply?

If you want to apply for a WDP, you will need to complete a Wildlife Display Permit Ap​plication form. Please ensure you read the fact sheet before completing the application.

​​​​​Educational Facility and Herpetology and/or Avian display applications must be completed and lodged at Service Tasmania inclusive of payment of the application fees​

Registered Rehabilitators should return their application form directly to NRE Tas. ​

 Wildlife Display Permit Fact Sheet and Application Form ​


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