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The Department has undergone a review process for the Wildlife (General) Regulations 2010 and the Wildlife (Exhibited Animals) Regulations 2010. This will result in the making of a consolidated set of regulations to be known as the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021. These regulations will come into effect from December 2021. This will have some impact on the wording of some permits and licences for activities that involve wildlife. The Department will update the licenses and permits, and the web pages that relate to them, as soon as possible once the remaking process has been finalised. If you have any questions please get in contact with us on 03 6165 4305 or via FarmPoint on 1300 292 292. ​

Tasmania has a number of game species that are hunted, trapped and used for commercial and recreational purposes including: brown quail, ringneck pheasant, muttonbird (short-tailed shearwater), black duck, chestnut teal, grey teal, mountain and wood ducks, Bennett's wallaby and Tasmanian pademelon (rufous wallaby) and fallow deer.

In this Topic

  • Game Hunting Requirements
    Information for recreational hunters including eligibility, lost or damaged cards and tags, and firearms licence information.
  • Species of Game
    This page has information relating to specific species of game in Tasmania and the regulations around hunting them. Species include deer, wallaby, duck, quail, muttonbird and pheasant. It also highlights any monitoring that occurs for each species.
  • Fallow Deer Farming
    Fallow deer faming in Tasmania including the legislative requirements.
  • Publications and Other Resources
    Download game-related publications and articles and find links to other useful information, such as data forms and hunting season details.
  • Game Services Tasmania & Wildlife Management Branch Contacts
    Contact details for the Game Services Tasmania and Wildlife Management Branch wildlife officers.
  • Recreational Game Licences
    Dates and licence costs for the open hunting seasons in Tasmania. Apply on line or download an application form.
​Game Take forms due from 15 November 2021 

It is a condition of your Game Licence that you return your Game Take form for each season before the start of the next one. Until your Game Take form is received and processed, you will not be able to purchase a new Game Licence.


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