Hunting Take Return Information


​​It is a condition of your Hunting Licence that you complete your Hunting Take Return form for the previous season.

Until we receive your Take Return, there will be a block on your capacity to renew your Hunting Licence.

Even if your take was zero, please write “0” against the game species you purchased a licence to hunt. Please ensure you complete the form in black or blue pen and have signed the form.

Hunting Take Returns can only be entered in one transac​tion, so if you have purchased an Antlerless Deer licence please lodge your Take Return only after you have finished hunting for the year.

More information about Hunting licences is available via the Hunting Licences​​ page.

**Please note: 2022 Hunting licence applications can be c​ompleted at ServiceTasmania shops​ from the 1st of February**

​Hunting Licence Ta​​​ke Returns can now be submitted via the online portal

Or download the Hunting Take Return form:

Forms can be returned to Wildlife ​​Mana​​gement.​​​


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