Public Land Antlerless Deer Ballot

Important Information

Bookings have now closed for the 2021 Public Land Antlerless Deer Season.

Successful hunting party leaders are required to provide the following details for all hunting party members by close of business Friday 19 March.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle registration number, make, model and colour (only required for hunting party leader)

Information should be emailed to

Antlerless Deer Season Information

Dates are available from 7 April 2021 through to 15 November 2021.  Please note some reserves have additional closures during the season.

Hunting groups wishing to book must follow the instructions below to secure a place during the antlerless deer season.

Each group MUST nominate a hunting party leader who books on behalf of the group.  In order to give as many hunters as possible a chance to hunt, the hunting party leader can make no more than two bookings during the antlerless season.

If more than two bookings are made by the same group, all bookings will be cancelled, and the group will not be able to hunt on public land during the 2021 antlerless season.

Groups can consist of a maximum of four hunters. The hunting party leader will be the groups nominated contact person. 

The hunting party leader only needs to book one ticket to cover the group.

Reserve Information

During the 2021 seasons, hunting will again be authorised in the following Reserves:

  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
  • Top Marshes Conservation Area
  • Five Mile Pinnacles Conservation Area
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area: Brenton Rivulet block (PWS) and Mother Lord Plains block (HT)
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area: Parson & Clerk Mountain Block (PWS)
  • Great Lake Conservation Area: Tumbledown Creek block (PWS) and land known as Gunns Marsh surrounding Gunns Lake and Little Lake (HT)
  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
  • Buxton River Conservation Area
  • St Pauls Regional Reserve (closed due to ​inaccessibility)
  • Castle Cary Regional Reserve

Reserve Closures

Hunters should note that the four east coast Reserves (Castle Cary, St Pauls, Buxton River, Tooms Lake) will be closed to all hunting  from 1 July 2021 – 29 February 2022 due to wedge tailed eagle and falcon breeding seasons.

Castle Cary will also be closed to hunting to allow for other visitor activities during the following periods:

  • Wednesday 5 May 2021 until Tuesday 18 May 2021 inclusive

Great Lake Conservation Area: Tumbledown Creek block (PWS) and land known as Gunns Marsh surrounding Gunns Lake and Little Lake (HT)

  • Wednesday 21 April 2021 until  Tuesday 27 July 2021 inclusive

Great Western Tiers Conservation Area: Parson & Clerk Mountain Block (PWS)

  • Wednesday 21 April 2021 until  Tuesday 27 July 2021 inclusive


  • The east coast Reserves have 'no hunting' buffer zones of 500m (see maps)
  • Limitations on access have been placed on Reserves to minimise habit disturbance during the wedge tailed eagle breeding season and other PWS supported activities (Orienteering Tasmania).

Detailed information and maps can be found on the Reserve Areas page.

Booking your hunt

To book your group's hunting spot you will need to select the link to the reserve you wish to hunt. 

Buxton River Conservation Area

Castle Cary Regional Reserve

Tooms Lake Conservation Area

Top Marshes Conservation Area

Great Lake Conservation Area - Tumbledown Creek and Gunns Marsh - FULLY ALLOCATED

Great Western Tiers Conservation Area

Greater Western Tiers Conservation Area - Parsons and Clerk Mountain

Five Mile Pinnacle - FULLY ALLOCATED

Central Plateau Conservation Area

Bookings closed midnight 15 March 2021.

Eventbrite booking instruction​s

Once you have clicked on the reserve link you will see a screen like this:
Please read the information to make sure the correct reserve has been selected.



Click the select a date button


You will see a range of available dates (all beginning on a Wednesday). Your ticket will allow you to hunt until the following Tuesday). 


Select your date of choice by pressing the tickets button. You will only need to select 1 ticket to cover your group of up to four members. Selecting more than one ticket on the same week will result in your bookings being cancelled.


Click register with your 1 ticket to complete your booking. You will receive an Eventbrite ticket confirmation soon after. Once bookings are closed​ authorisation paperwork will be emailed to hunting party leaders in March

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