Public Land Male Deer Ballot

​​​Antlerless deer booking system

Access to designated public land for hunting antlerless deer is allocated through an online booking systen. Registrations opened February 2022, and have now closed. Hunting authorisations will be emailed to registered hunters prior to the hunting booking. ​

Male deer ballot

Access to designated public land for hunting male deer will be allocated through a ballot for the male deer season only (26/2/2022 – 3/4/2022). Applications opened on 15 December 2021 and closed on 15 January 2022.​​

​Successful applicants will be sent hunting authorisations before the hunting season begins using the contact details provided on their ballot application.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions information sheet for questions relating to the male deer ballot.  If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact Game Services Tasmania.

  FAQ male deer ballot   (246Kb)

2022 male deer ballot results 

The 2022 male deer ballot has been drawn. Please see results below. 

 2022 male deer ballot results (PDF 115Kb)

The results display registration numbers. You will have received this number in your confirmation email when applying. 

Please note that we received considerably more applications than hunting spaces available meaning many groups have not been successful. 

If this is the case please keep an eye out for bookings to open in the antlerless season. ​

On the results page you will see some spaces have been blocked out. Black represents no hunting due to eagle nesting. Red represents a replacement allocation for hunters who had their st.Paul's allocation canceled in the 2021 season.

Impo​​​rtant ballot information 

To be considered for the ballot each group MUST nominate a hunting party leader who enters the ballot once on behalf of the group.

The hunting party leader will be required to enter details for each member of the hunting party.

  • The applicant will have the ability to nominate no more than 5 preferred hunting blocks, and up to 6 hunting dates.
  • Authorisations will be issued subject to a random ballot process for each hunting period and Reserve(s). There will be no option of swapping the preferred dates or Reserve(s) you are allocated.
  • Successful ballot Authorisations will run from Wednesday to the following Tuesday.  Apart from week 1 which will run from Saturday to Tuesday, and the final week of the male season which will run from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • To ensure hunter safety, all hunters must wear some form of hi-visibility/blaze orange clothing (i.e. hat, vest) to be more identifiable to other hunting parties.
  • Successful ballot Authorisation holders must adhere to the Authorisation conditions, including the terms and conditions.

Reserve information

During the 2​022 seasons, hunting will be authorised on the following Reserves:

  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
  • Top Marshes Conservation Area
  • Five Mile Pinnacles Conservation Area
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area: Brenton Rivulet block (PWS) and Mother Lord Plains block (HT)
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area: Parson & Clerk Mountain Block (PWS)
  • Great Lake Conservation Area: Tumbledown Creek block (PWS) and land known as Gunns Marsh surrounding Gunns Lake and Little Lake (HT)
  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
  • Buxton River Conservation Area 
  • Castle Cary Regional Reserve 

Rese​​rve Closures

Hunters should note that the four east coast Reserves (Castle Cary, Buxton River, Tooms Lake) will be closed to all hunting from 1 July 2021 – 1 March 2022 due to wedge tailed eagle and falcon breeding seasons. Hunting in these Reseves is not available during the first ballot period/opening week of the 2022 male deer season.


  • The east coast Reserves have 'no hunting' buffer zones of 500m see​ maps​.
  • Limitations on access have been placed on Reserves to minimise habit disturbance during the wedge tailed eagle breeding season and other PWS supported activities.​

Detailed information and maps can be found on the Reserve Areas page​.


Public Land Deer Hunting Ballot
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