Waterfowl Identification Testing

​​Hunters who wish to obtain a licence to hunt wild duck must first pass a Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) administered by an Officer from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas).  

The test is conducted in English and consists of a series of short video clips of waterbirds filmed in the field.  As each video clip is shown, the applicant must mark a multiple choice "Test Answer Sheet" indicating both the species of the bird, and whether it is a game species or a non-game species. Applicants sitting their WIT in Tasmania, will be marked based on the game and non-game status of wild ducks in Tasmania, as per the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021. Test papers are marked by the Game Management Authority Victoria.

Depending on the test score achieved (out of a top score of 66), there are four pass grades:

GradeScoreHunting States Allowed
AA66Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania
P57-64Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania
NSW-T50 plusNew South Wales and Tasmania
T47 plusTasmania

AA and P Grade: To hunt in Victoria and South Australia, you must achieve a minimum score of 57, including correctly identifying all of the non-game sequences.

NSW-T Grade: If you did not correctly identify all non-game sequences, identified at least one freckled duck and obtained a minimum score of 50 points. Permits hunting in New South Whales and Tasmania only.

T Grade Pass: If you did not correctly identify any freckled duck sequences, but still obtained a minimum score of 47 points. Permits hunting in Tasmania only.  

Upon the failure of the test, another session will need to be arranged and the test fee paid again.

Hunters only need to pass a Waterfowl Identification Test once. Successful WIT applicants are issued with a WIT number and a Certificate of Proficiency, this allows the purchase a duck hunting licence. 

Pre-Test Study​

Applicants are encouraged to study the Duck WISE (Waterfowl Identification, Safety and Effective and Efficient Hunting) video produced by the Game Management Authority, Victoria. The video can be used to learn the key identification features of ducks (game and non-game) and common waterbird species. Further information regarding firearm safety and education has been included to promote responsible hunting. The Duck WISE video DVD is available from Game Services Tasmania. 


Duck WISE video is produced by the Game Management Authority, Victoria.

The WIT Test is based on Tasmanian legislation and focuses on waterfowl identification only. There are 5 game bird species that can be hunted in Tasmania during our open season. They are the Pacific Black Duck, Mountain Duck, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal and the Wood Duck. For the purpose of this test, all other waterfowl species are deemed non-game.

Practice T​est

For hunters to test their waterfowl identification skills prior to sitting their Waterfowl Identification Test the Practice Test below can be completed:


 Waterfowl Identification Practice Test video is produced by the Game Management Authority of Victoria

 ​   Waterfowl Identification Practice Test - Answer sheet  (162Kb)

Applicat​​ion Procedure 

Applicants need to submit an application form for the Waterfowl Identification Test, along with a non-refundable​ payment of $50 to Service Tasmania.

Game Services Tasmania will arrange a Waterfowl Identification Test time. Retain your receipt and present it at your Waterfowl Identification Test time along with Evidence of Identity (e.g. Driver's Licence, Firearms Licence). 

Individual testing sessions are available all year round. They are held at NRE Tas offices in Launceston, Devonport and Hobart, as well as on King and Flinders Islands.    

  Waterfowl Identification Test Application Form   (388Kb)​

​For further enquiries regarding Waterfowl Identification Testing please contact Game Services Tasmania.


Game Services Tasmania

GPO Box 44,
Hobart, TAS, 7001.