Using 1080 Poison as a Last Resort to Control Wallabies and Possums

​​When properly managed, 1080 poison can be used as a limited tool for the initial knock-down to get back on top of browser numbers before constructing wallaby proof fencing and using ongoing alternate wildlife management tools.

Specifically under the code of practice the use of 1080 will only be allowed in Tasmania where:

  1. There is an unacceptable risk to crop or pasture;
  2. the use of 1080 poison does not pose an unacceptable risk to a population of non target species; and
  3. Alternative control measures have been adequately considered an implemented as far as practicable and assessed to be ineffective.


Read more information about 1080 poison​.

  Costing Control Options Worksheet - 1080 Poison   (39Kb)​ 


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