Planning to Control Losses Caused by Wallabies and Possums

​​Game Services Tasmania's Wildlife Management Officers (see the contacts at the bottom of this page) provide advice and information to land managers. These staff are available to visit farms to advise on techinques and materials proven to achieve effective mitigation results and to work with landholders to develop an integrated browsing strategy tailored for their individual farming operation.

Estimating Losses

The first step in planning is to know what you are losing.

​​Game Services Tasmania's Wildlife Management Officers can assist landholders to assess the cost of wildlife damage, including modelling losses through the use of the BITE Program.

  Estimating Pasture Loss with BITE Information Sheet   (128Kb)

This computer-based decision-support tool for estimating pasture losses from wildlife browsing, will quickly provide an estimate of the annual cost caused by browsing. ​​Game Services Tasmania's Wildlife Management Officers can also demonstrate additonal ways to monitor browsing losses and monitor the success of a control strategy, on a cost-benefit basis.

​​Game Services Tasmania's Wildlife Management Officers are also able to provide the most up-to-date information on:


There is no easy solution to managing losses caused by wildlife. Assistance is available in the development of property-based management plans between property owners/managers and property users, and in particular hunters. Property-based Wildlife Management Plans are a non-binding partnership arrangement between landowners and other property users, facilitated by staff from the Game Management Unit (GMU).


  Losing Too Much to Wallabies and Brushtail Possums?   (439Kb)

  Browsing Wildlife Species   (831Kb) (description, status, distribution, diet, and control options and issues)

  Monitoring and Measuring Pasture Losses to Wildlife   (550Kb)

  Measuring Pasture Losses to Browsing Animals   (411Kb)

  Estimating Pasture Loss with BITE Information Sheet   (128Kb) (a computer-based decision-support tool)

  Problem Summary Worksheet   (10Kb)

  Action Plan - Monitoring Worksheet   (24Kb)


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