Property-Based Wildlife Management Plans

Property-based Wildlife Management Plans are property-specific, written documents outlining how the game species will be managed on an individual property or group of properties. The Property-based Wildlife Management Plan is a non-binding partnership arrangement between landowners and other property users.

A Property-based Wildlife Management Plan belongs to the landowner, so the landowner can cancel the Plan at any time. In this way, the landowner stays in control at all times.

Key areas that may be covered in a plan include:

  • Wildlife species present and their classification under Tasmanian legislation,

  • Management options

  • A browsing damage management review

  • Formulation of future control strategies

  • Crop protection information

  • Population monitoring and data collection

  • Hunter agreements and responsibilities, conduct and safety and property rules

There are Property-based Wildlife Management Plans for over 500 properties in Tasmania, covering in excess of 1.6 million hectares of private and public land including dairying, horticulture, forestry and pastoral operations.

There are also Property-based Wildlife Management Plans on over 600,000 ha of land in NSW, SA and Queensland based on the Tasmanian model.


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