Five Year Property Protection Permits Antlerless Fallow Deer

​Property Protection Permits

Property Protection Permits for fallow deer antlerless commenced at the beginning of the antlerless fallow deer season in March 2020. 
There are no quotas or tags applied to five year permits for anterless fallow deer. 

There are quotas and tags applied to fallow deer male (buck and immature male), fallow deer buck and fallow deer immature male permits. The number of male deer able to be taken under a property protection permit is determined by the Wildlife Management Officer assessing the permit application, in conjunction with a discussion with the applicant and possibly a property inspection.

Please see Game Services Tasm​ania​​ website for further information.  

Recording Take

Permit holders are require to maintain an annual record of the wildlife taken under the permit, including that of their agent and any zero take. 

​Reporting Take

Take returns must be provided to the Department on an annual basis. Returns must be submitted to the Department within 28 days following the expiry of the permit. Failing to provide this information may result in the suspension of the permit. 

Subsequent permits will not be issued if return information is not provided. 


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