Choosing a Suitable Fence Location

​​​​​​​There are a few things to consider when you choose and prepare your fence route:

  • is there a firm level base to eliminate gaps under the mesh 
  • can you avoid trees that might damage fence
  • can you provide access for maintenance
  • l​ook for efficiencies by joining with neighbours fences​
  • can you minimise wallaby cover inside fence
  • can you avoid difficult waterways

​Examples of good fence locations

Image of a well constucted wallaby fence in a clear paddock with even gound

No trees, humps or hollows. Easy to build a wallaby fence here

A good example of a wallable on clear even ground, running up a slight incline

Clear even ground makes an easy place to build a successful wallaby fence

good emaple of a wallaby fince built along a clear, level gravel track

Utilising an existing leveled track is a good option when choosing a spot for your wallaby fence

Good example of a fence built on a gravel track that shows a firm level base. The trees have been cleared near the fince making a clear corridor. the fence has good access for vehicles

A firm level base, clearance from trees, and good access is ideal

Examples of innapropriate fe​nce locations

an example of an innappropriate wallaby fence location which is steep with bad access. There are a lot of trees very close to the fence and there is wallaby cover inside the fenced off area

This fence location is problematic for a few reasons including: access and building conditions; trees that could fall on the fence; and cover is available for wallabies inside fence.

proposed location over a creek. The creek is dry but the banks are steep and could be prone to washouts and flooding

This creek crossing is too difficult. It has a steep gully and is prone to washouts.

An example of a bad fence location crossing a river. The fence is constructed of pallets and found materials, but flooding has damaged the fence and logs and debris has become trapped against the structure

Rivers can be difficult to fence for lots of reasons including flooding and debris

An example of a fence built too close to trees. There are broken branches and limbs on either side of the fence, which have fallen onto the fencing wire

Manage the risk from trees. A fence can be fixed once or twice but trees and branches falling on a wallaby fence too often will undermine effectiveness.