Wallaby Damage Inside the Fence

​​​​Damage to fences is often caused by animals caught on the inside. Close gaps in the fence ASAP.  When building a wallaby fence plan shooting to reduce the wallaby population and to quickly remove wallabies caught inside the fence.​

rocks have been piled in the corner of a wallaby fence where wallabies caught inside have tried to get out

Damage by wallabies caught inside the fence pressuring the corner

Damage and erosion underneath a fence where a wallaby or wombat have tried to dig their way under a fence

Signs of a wombat or wallaby digging. Animals caught inside the fence are desperate, digging and impacting the fence.

the fence mesh is straining or bulging near the corner of the fence because wallabies are pushing against the mesh

There is a lot of strain on the fence mesh where wallabies are caught inside the paddock/protected area trying to get out

picture of innapropriate thin mesh. The gaps in the mesh have spread apart from wallabies trying to escape

Mesh with thin (1.9 mm) wire will spread if hit at speed by a frantic wallaby trying to escape

picture of a wallaby fence where wallabies have dung under the footer/apron of the fence to escape

Footer/apron is less effective against digging from the inside. If a hole is dug from the inside it can also let wallabies get in from outside.

picture of a wallaby fence with gaps closed up

Motion sensing cameras have shown wallabies trying to get into a fenced paddock to be gentle, searching for holes, rather than digging or impacting the fence as they do when caught inside without cover.