Addax (Addax nasmaculatus)

​​Assessm​ent Summary

Addax are heavy bodied, medium-large sized antelopes characterised by their ringed horns, twisted spirally and unique facial markings.  They are capable of breeding with Scimitar-horned Oryx and produce fertile offspring.  Addax were widespread throughout Northern Africa, in the Sahelo-Saharan regions. Distribution included, the entire Libyan and Saharan deserts as well as Rio de Oro, from southern Morocco all the way east to Egypt and Sudan as well as Algeria, Tunisia and Libya Today, however, Addax distribution has been reduced to only a few small populations found in Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritana (IUCN 2008). To date, no feral population of Addax have ever been established, however Addax are known to compete with livestock for their food source

The  Technical Assessment Panel (TAP) assessed A. nasomaculatus as being moderately dangerous to humans, having a low risk of establishment and moderate consequence (risk that an established population would cause harm) if they established in Tasmania. Consequently, the TAP assessment concluded that the risk posed by importing A. nasomaculatus into Tasmania is moderate.

Assessment Docume​​ntation

  Addax Risk Assessment   (175Kb)​


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