Rose-crowned conure (Pyrrhura rhudocephala)

​The Rose-crowned conure is a small, mainly green long-tailed conure with a rose-red cap. It has white primary coverts, blue primaries and a red tail. This species is endemic to the Andes of extreme north-west Venezuala and it has not been reported to have established any populations outside it’s natural range. 

This species is listed under Appendix II to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 regulates the export and import of species included in the Appendices to CITES under Part 13A. International trade in specimens of the species Pyrrhura rhodocephala is therefore subject to regulation under this legislation.  

The Rose-crowned conure was risk assessed as being not dangerous to humans, having a low establishment risk but with a low consequence of establishment.  In considering these factors, the assessment concluded that the risk posed by importing the Rose-crowned conure into Tasmania is low.

Following the initial risk assessment the Department considers permitting the importation of Rose-crowned conures into Tasmania upon application.

  Rose-crowned conure risk assessment   (217Kb)​


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