Little Penguins in Tasmania


​The little penguin, Eudyptula minor, is the smallest of all penguins. They breed in colonies in southern Australia, as far north as Port Stephens in the east and to Fremantle in the west. They also breed in New Zealand. The majority of the Australian little penguin population is found in Tasmania.

​Little penguins face many threats in their on-land and at-sea environments​. NRE Tasmania is involved in a number of monitoring, management and response activities. ​

In this topic

  • About Little Penguins
    About little penguins - population, breeding, behaviour and diet - and the threats facing this smallest of all the penguin species.
  • Monitoring and Protection
    A range of little penguin monitoring, management and response activities is in place.
  • Tasmanian Penguin Advisory Group
    The Tasmanian Penguin Advisory Group (TPAG) has been established to enhance the understanding of little penguins and improve their conservation and protection across the State.