Key Project Dates and Activities

​​Key dates and activities of the Tasman Fracture Marine Park Project include:

  1. Assemble the project team develop project aims, progress and deliverables

  2. Deploy biotelemetry devices on seabirds and marine mammals to characterise foraging behaviour within Tasman Fracture Marine Park (TFMP)

  3. Acoustic surveys of mid water ocean productivity and passive acoustic detection of cetacean distribution.​

  4. Physical characterisation of shelf water properties around shelf canyon incision and TFMP

  5. Detailed description of local environmental conditions affecting TFMP and predator associations including assessment of variability and long-term trends in the marine and coastal climate

  6. Promote project findings through social and traditional media outlets

  7. Targeted training for Working on Country and Sea Country Rangers.

  8. Work with local Aboriginal groups to understand the cultural significance of species found in Tasman Fracture Marine Park

  9. Art-Science engagement/exhibition (IMAS, University of Tasmania)

  10. Preparation and publication of scientific manuscripts.

  11. Develop educational resources for local schools and visitors to enhance their understanding of marine park values

  12. Develop outreach materials and website content to convey knowledge of the project and Park to the broader community and stakeholders.

  13. Project completion