Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​Why hasn't my re-application arrived yet?

Re-application notices are sent via email to the previous year's licence holders that have submitted their returns prior to January 15th.  If you have not received your re-application notice you may need to update your email address, or your returns were not received in time.  If you do not receive your re-application notice you can still apply for a new licence online or at a Service Tasmania store front.

​Why haven't I received a paper notice for returns?

​Return notices are now sent via email.  If your return notice has not arrived, your email address may be entered incorrectly.  If you do not receive a return notice you can still provide your returns online or at Service Tasmania.

​When can I purchase a new licence?

​Licences can be purchased from the 1st February each year online or at Service Tasmania.

​Can I provide take returns after the cut-off date?

​Yes.  You can provide returns at any time.  You will not be able to purchase a new licence until you have submitted any outstanding returns.

​​Can I get a refund if I had zero take, or was unable to go hunting?

​The Department does not provide refunds in circumstances where hunters were unable to go hunting or had zero take.

​I am having trouble logging in

​Your login details should be as follows;

  • Surname:  your surname as it appears on your previous years hunting licence
  • First name:  your first name as it appears on your previous years hunting licence
  • Middle name:  If your middle name appears on your licence then you must enter your middle name when logging in
  • Date of Birth:  Your date of birth as it appears on your previous years hunting licence
  • Licence Number:  This should be your hunting licence number, NOT ​your firearms licence number

​The details on my licence are incorrect

​If the details on your licence are incorrect they can be amended by logging in to the hunting licence portal.  you can also amend your details at Service Tasmania, or by contacting Wildlife Services using the below details.

​​​​I ordered my licence online and the tag has not arrived in time for deer season

​It takes a minimum of 10 working days for licences and deer tags purchased online to arrive by post.  It is your responsibility to ensure you allow enough time when ordering online.  If you require your tag immediately please ensure you purchase your licence at Service Tasmania.​​

​Lost or damaged hunting licence cards or tags

​If your hunting licence card is lost or damaged a replacement may be requested by completing a hunting licence application form.  Select the application type 'I want to replace a lost or damaged current hunting licence card'.

Lost or damaged deer tags may be replaced.  Please contact Wildlife Services on the contact details at the bottom of the page to arrange a replacement.  A statutory declaration must be completed and submitted prior to a replacement tag being issued.​

​​Where can I go hunting?

Information regarding public land hunting can be found in your game tracks which you will receive when you purchase your licence.