Aerial Spraying Licences

Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence

If you operate an aerial spraying business that involves the application of agricultural chemicals, you must hold an Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence. This is essentially a business licence.

Fertilisers are not regarded as agricultural chemical products and therefore there is no need to hold a Licence for the aerial application of fertilisers.

To qualify for an Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence, you must:

1.have an Aircraft Operators Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority; and Operation Spray Safe Accredited by the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia; and
3. hold a policy or a cover note of indemnity insurance for a minimum amount of $30,000 approved by the Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Agricultural aircraft operators do not need to hold a Commercial Operator Licence, as this licence only applies to ground-spraying activities.

  Application for Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence   (50Kb)

Pilot Chemical Rating Licence

Any pilot who is employed by an agricultural aircraft operator must hold a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence. This includes the owner of the business if he or she pilots an aircraft in carrying out aerial spraying.

To qualify for a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence, you must:

1.hold a Commercial Pilots Licence; and
2.have an Agricultural Pilot Rating; and
3. hold an Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Operation Spray Safe Certificate of Approval or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Registrar of Chemical Products.

A licence may not be granted if an applicant has not supplied the required information, not paid the appropriate application fee, has been convicted of a crime or has committed an offence punishable by imprisonment.

  Application for a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence   (50Kb)

A licence may be cancelled or suspended if the holder has:
  • not complied with any condition of the Licence,
  • been convicted of an offence against a relevant Act,
  • not paid fees by the due date, or
  • provided misleading information in applying for the licence.


Licence Coordinator

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