Aerial Spraying Licences

​Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence​​

If you operate an aerial spraying business that involves the application of agricultural chemicals, you must hold an Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence. This is essentially a business licence.

Fertilisers are not regarded as agricultural chemical products and therefore there is no need to hold a Licence for the aerial application of fertilisers.

To qualify for an Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence, you must:

  1. have an Aircraft Operators Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority; and

  2. be Operation Spray Safe Accredited by the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia; and

  3. hold a policy or cover note of indeminity insurance for a minimum amount of $30,000 approved by the Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Agricultural aircraft operators do not need to hold a Commercial Operator Licence, as this licence only applies to ground-spraying activities.

 Application for Agricultural Aircraft Operator Licence (PDF 259Kb)

Pilot Chemical Rating Licence​

Any pilot who is employed by an agricultural aircraft operator must hold a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence. This includes the owner of the business if he or she pilots an aircraft in carrying out aerial spraying.

To qualify for a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence, you must:

  1. hold a Commercial Pilots Licence; and

  2. have an Agricultural Pilot Rating; and

  3. hold an Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Operation Spray Safe Certificate of Approval or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Registrar of Chemical Products.

A licence may not be granted if an applicant has not supplied the required information, not paid the appropriate application fee, has been convicted of a crime or has committed an offence punishable by imprisonment.

 Application for a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence (PDF 245Kb)

A licence may be cancelled or suspended if the holder has:

  • not complied with any condition of the Licence,

  • been convicted of an offence against a relevant Act,

  • not paid fees by the due date, or

  • provided misleading information in applying for the licence.​


Licence Coordinator

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