Management of Wildlife


In this topic

  • Wildlife Imports
    Arrangements for importing wildlife from the Australian mainland into Tasmania.
  • Wildlife Exports
    Policies and procedures for exporting Tasmanian wildlife.
  • Game Management
    Game management aims to reduce the impacts that game may cause. It also covers commercial and non-commercial hunting to provide meat and other products.
  • Managing Wildlife Browsing & Grazing Losses
    The Department assists land managers to manage the damage caused by native wildlife.
  • Wildlife Surveys in Tasmania
    Wildlife monitoring is an integral part of wildlife management and conservation that informs managers of the success or otherwise of their programs.
  • Reporting Wildlife Offences
    How to make a report about a suspected wildlife offence.
  • Seal Management
    The Seal Management Framework describes the mechanisms, procedures, requirements and options for managing fur seal interactions with marine farming operations to minimise risks to farm workers and seals.

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