Complaints and Allegations

The form below can be used to submit complaints related to the work of the Office of Racing Integrity (including Stewards and office operations), or intelligence about an alleged breach of the Rules of Racing or any relevant legislation in Tasmania.

Please note that all submissions are anonymous. This form does not collect any identifying data.

When making a submission, please:

  • Ensure you include as much information as possible, to allow the relevant person to investigate, and
  • Complete every part of the form.

Any inappropriate content in submissions will result in the complaint or allegation being disregarded.

Once you have submitted the form, the Office of Racing Integrity will assess the information to determine next steps. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Referring the matter to another, more relevant regulator or body for assessment and action, or
  • Passing the information to Stewards to consider in relation to their powers and functions under the Rules of Racing, or
  • Commencing an investigation or inquiry into the matters raised, or
  • ​Taking no action, and filing the information as intelligence only.

Note that because this form collects information anonymously, you will not receive any confirmation or further updates about the information you submit.

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Be as specific as possible.

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