Tasmanian Gazette Notices

​​​​​The Tasmanian Government Gazette (the Gazette), including Special and Periodical Gazettes, contains the formal public notices that are required by law and Government authority to be published in the Gazette. Most notices, declarations and permits issued under the Biosecurity Act 2019 must be placed in the Tasmanian Gazette.

Below is a compiled list of all Gazettal notices containing information or declarations as relevant to the Act and/or the Biosecur​ity Regulations 2022.

 Tasmanian Gazette_No.22 107_4 August 2021 (PDF 3Mb)

 Tasmanian Gazette_No.22 246_19 October 2022 (PDF 1Mb)

 Tasmanian Gazette_No.22 250_2 November 2022 (PDF 721Kb)