Little Penguin Monitoring and Protection Measures

​​​​NRE Tas​ works with other organisation and community groups on monitoring, management, and response activities including:

  • Surveys of little penguin colonies across the State

  • weed removal and vegetation rehabilitation on both reserved and private land to enhance penguin habitat

  • education campaigns about little penguins and their protection

  • dedicated Discovery Rangers over the summer months to provide education and interpretive services at popular penguin colonies managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service

  • seasonal proactive patrols of popular penguin viewing areas by authorised officers to deter inappropriate behaviour and keep an eye on colonies

  • on ground initiatives like fencing and improved signage to increase awareness about little penguins and their protection​​

In this topic

  • Penguin Incident Reporting Protocols
    What to do if you find a penguin with oil or contaminant on its feathers, or if you suspect there has been a dog attack at a little penguin colony.
  • Dog Attacks and the Dog Control Act
    Dog attacks on little penguins are taken seriously. Find out about the Dog Control Act, the penalties for dog owners whose dogs attack little penguins in certain areas, and what areas are identified as sensitive little penguin habitat
  • Little Penguin Survey and Monitoring Toolkit
    The toolkit was created for community groups and land managers to help us understand population trends and the distribution of little penguins in Tasmania.


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